Virgil B - Duck Dynasty Deadringer

This guy and I have known each other since kindergarten (my mom was his K teacher). We shot over the Christmas break and it was wonderful to catch up and reconnect. I saw his fuzzy mug on Facebook, and had to shoot him. Some in his family are not too keen on his beard (which just a few weeks ago was much longer), and this photo shoot was a big validation for him. We were both quite happy.

Five (Black and White) Photos in Five Days: From the Archives

Day #2: Before Surgery.

Randall had an extremely rare disorder called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, also known as MPS, type 6. (I think. It's been years, and it might not be the disease.) This shot was from pre-surgery (one of many) at NYU medical center. It marked my first time in NYC, where I traveled specifically to document Randall and his family and this surgery. It's a touching and tense moment between mother and son.

Randall and mother just before surgery, NYU Medical Center, 1988-89.

Thanks for the nomination, Graham Howe. I accept.

Day #1: No More Coverups. This first is from a Freedom of Choice Act rally in Columbia, Missouri. I covered this as a graduate student at Mizzou. For this series, I'm going to post only images shot on film (no digital), and all from the archives of my photojournalism days. 

B&W challenge. Should you accept, post one B&W image each day for the next 5 days, challenging another friend to do same. I nominate, Raffaella Zurlo. 

©Eric O'Connell, 1992. Columbia, Missouri

ESMOA and Artists in Pinhole

At the El Segundo Museum of Art, the walls are covered with many of LA’s most influential graffiti and tattoo artist's work, for the installation, SCRATCH. This exhibit is for the public launch of the Getty Graffiti Black Book, a definitive survey, and collection on paper of more than 150 of LA's top graffiti and tattoo artists. Please find more info on the ESMoA site, 

We were invited to shoot for our pinhole project during the installation by Eder Cetina (pictured below): artist, curator, museum installs, and all-around bad-@$$. (Thanks, Eder!)

Panorama of site with me and pinhole camera

Panorama of site with me and pinhole camera

Stitched together, 3-panel, pinhole shot of the construction of the exhibition

Eder Cetina

lorum ipsum

Opening night of Scratch exhibit at the El Segundo Museum of Art.

Thanks Eva Crawford for the GoPro video!