Five (Black and White) Photos in Five Days: From the Archives

Day #2: Before Surgery.

Randall had an extremely rare disorder called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, also known as MPS, type 6. (I think. It's been years, and it might not be the disease.) This shot was from pre-surgery (one of many) at NYU medical center. It marked my first time in NYC, where I traveled specifically to document Randall and his family and this surgery. It's a touching and tense moment between mother and son.

Randall and mother just before surgery, NYU Medical Center, 1988-89.

Thanks for the nomination, Graham Howe. I accept.

Day #1: No More Coverups. This first is from a Freedom of Choice Act rally in Columbia, Missouri. I covered this as a graduate student at Mizzou. For this series, I'm going to post only images shot on film (no digital), and all from the archives of my photojournalism days. 

B&W challenge. Should you accept, post one B&W image each day for the next 5 days, challenging another friend to do same. I nominate, Raffaella Zurlo. 

©Eric O'Connell, 1992. Columbia, Missouri