ESMOA and Artists in Pinhole

At the El Segundo Museum of Art, the walls are covered with many of LA’s most influential graffiti and tattoo artist's work, for the installation, SCRATCH. This exhibit is for the public launch of the Getty Graffiti Black Book, a definitive survey, and collection on paper of more than 150 of LA's top graffiti and tattoo artists. Please find more info on the ESMoA site, 

We were invited to shoot for our pinhole project during the installation by Eder Cetina (pictured below): artist, curator, museum installs, and all-around bad-@$$. (Thanks, Eder!)

Panorama of site with me and pinhole camera

Panorama of site with me and pinhole camera

Stitched together, 3-panel, pinhole shot of the construction of the exhibition

Eder Cetina

lorum ipsum

Opening night of Scratch exhibit at the El Segundo Museum of Art.

Thanks Eva Crawford for the GoPro video!

Peter Cornwell, Director

I had the fortune of shooting director Peter Cornwell. He directed Hemlock Grove, episodes 3 & 6, Season 2 (live now on Netflix). Peter gained notoriety for his award winning stop motion short, Ward 13, and went on to direct the feature film, Haunting in Connecticut. Recently, Peter directed the short, Batman Evolution, garnering over half a million YouTube views. 

We shot in a shaded space of historic Angelus-Rosedale cemetery, in Los Angeles, CA, where many of Hollywood's early legends are buried, including Tod Browning (1880-1962), movie director and screenwriter known as "The Master of the Macabre."

We took in an old 8mm film projector, which Peter idly threaded while I set up. During the long exposures we were able to move him and he becomes a ghost as he joins the space, paying a bit of respect to the greats that lie in Angelus-Rosedale. In the final image on the main section of my site, he sits, sort of as homage with a projector aimed at the back of the nearest headstone, readying to watch a film – maybe it's one of theirs. 

It's not easy being the subject of a photo when you are used to being on the directing side of the camera, and being the excellent sport that he is, we had a great shoot, and he's a great subject. (Thanks!)

Peter Cornwell

Peter Cornwell