Heavy Metal Nation - Round 1, The beginning of a project…

 Fun shooting brothers, Aaron Moses and Anthony Moses, of the band, War Motor, for my new project, Heavy Metal Nation. 

This was the first shoot of the project and I'm still trying to work out the overall aesthetic. And, since this is a blog, I feel I can post the progress of figuring that out without worry of only posting the best, or final shots.

We met, and shot in Juggernaut Music, Gallup, N.M. I had originally envisioned a shoot out on the reservation, but when one starts a project, one has to suss out what can/should be done. So we started here, in Ernie Santiago’s shop (which he graciously let us use). For future shots, I imagine a portrait in a unique environment, coupled with a head banging/airbanding shot. What do you think (comment below)? I did get the “head banging” shot, and love that!

One of my favorite quotes from Aaron, "We're a little lost [referring to a generation of Native kids and young adults], and metal themes are a way to get in touch and in harmony in our hearts and mindsets." For those of you who don’t know, “harmony” is the Navajo way, and bad things can happen when one is out of harmony with nature, the land, teachings, traditions, etc.