You never forget the smells of horses, blood, manure, burning hide and dirt during a branding. I’ll also never forget my grandfather’s steady, gentle hands – a contrast to a hard life as a homesteader, a rancher.

I fell off a horse and onto a bike. BMX racing became my passion. Photos in the BMX magazines and in my grandparent’s National Geographic’s of far off places and people were my inspiration. 

A sense of wanderlust, exploration, adventure exploded inside me. Small-town ranch life wasn’t enough. I wanted to be in those places; take those photos; meet those people! 

Photography and anthropology allowed me access to other worlds, ideas, contrasts and contradictions. Hitch-hiking through the northern deserts of Mexico, I found myself standing in ancient, forgotten cathedrals, practically untouched since the conquistadores who built them. The smells of mold and bat guano made my eyes water, yet the decrepit, stunning visuals held me in rapture. I was there with a camera! I could show people!

My work is often on location in secluded environments and in big, open spaces. I look for the heroic in my subjects. The stoic laborer. I find it important to look for the subliminal contrasts and contradictions of life – a unifying humanness. 

I've photographed VIPs, models, real people and even landscapes with clients like Oracle, Ritz Carlton, and Quicken, Microsoft, Symantec, Silhouette, Forbes, Fortune, Wired and more.